In 2013 Spero’s Video teamed up with Steel Assassin after hearing their most recent release WWII: Metal of Honor. He produced two music videos for them: Blitzkrieg Demon and The Wolfpack.

Alloy 20 Silent Calls is a song from their critically acclaimed debut CD The vail of Darkness. In the follow up video the band was recorded playing instruments in an abandoned stone farm house near Frederick, MD. The rest of the video was recorded in Massachusetts using actor Bill Houldcroft, jr. and Jillian Huntress. A large portion of the scenes were recorded at Ft. Revere in Hull with the graveyard scenes recorded at Historic Hingham Cemetery. With the finals scenes recorded at abandoned properties in Rockland, MA.

The video and band went on to win Best Alternative Metal at the World Music & Independent Film Festival in 2013.

Death Sentence by Tension was created as a the bonus track for 2012 documentary Tension: 25 Years Underground

So Cruel by Forcer was created as a tribute to lead singer Pete Devaney who died unexpectedly in February 2016. The video used was shot at the Wax Museum and was created after the documentary 1984 Riding Into Hell with the left over footage.

Ride Out The Storm was technically my 1st music video, created in the late 1990s. I worked with Randy Flowers to produce this very popular about faith. The video features Randy’s father Rev. James N. Flowers and his sister Yolanda.

Shock Treatment by Tension was also created as a the bonus track for 2012 documentary Tension: 25 Years Underground

Bob Vogt -Outta Time

Bacterial Husk (2017)
Leech Carriage

Home Is Where The Heart by Trusty Sidekick

2013 Derringers reunion

2013 Derringers reunion

Sick Phyllis
2013 Derringers reunion

People's Blues of Richmond
May 4, 2019, Down The Road Beer Co. Everett, MA